Technical Wiring Design

Technical wiring layout and documentation is an important part of out design process, and we can provide construction document sets with varying levels of support and documentation, according to our clients' needs and budget requirements. Most document sets contain a Technical Wiring Plan, showing all wiring troughs and conduit routing and dimensions, Mic Tie Line boxes, wiring for control room and tracking room monitor systems, surround wiring, computer and video wiring, etc.

For larger projects we provide construction documents with separate pages for the Technical Wiring Plan, the Mic Tie Line Details, the Patchbay Details, the Credenza and Rack Elevations, and the Signal Flow Diagrams. Mic and Line panel layouts are detailed, along with schedules outlining all wiring terminations. Complete signal flow from mic input to patch bay, etc., is outlined in the schedules, calling out all necessary connectors, boxes and wires. The patchbay is detailed in its entirety, and all equipment locations are shown graphically for organizational purposes. Machine room layout, elevations, and routing are fully diagramed. These pages provide the necessary information for the installation team to complete the technical wiring project from beginning to end.

We stay on top of wiring trends and create future-forward designs that will continue to be useful and practical years down the road.

Wes Lachot Design Group cooperates closely with the technical wiring installation companies  who perform the specialized task of wiring studios. We highly recommend our good friends at Thom Canova Audio for technical wiring; they have successfully completed many projects for us over the years, and their team is intimately familiar with our design methodology.