Equipment Integration

Wes Lachot Design Group is involved in the integration of all major equipment systems with the studio facility. In addition to providing wiring and technical assistance, we help to make sure the room and console are correctly matched and laid out for symmetry, and that all equipment racks and machine rooms are flexibly designed to meet our clients' current and future requirements.

In a professional-level control room, the main in-wall monitor system works with the room in an integral way to provide full spectrum accurate sound reproduction. Just as a high-definition lens must be matched properly to a camera to obtain the best results, the monitoring system and control room must be fully integrated.

The choice of monitoring system (monitors, power amplifiers, and crossovers) is one of the most important decisions to in the design process, since this choice affects other considerations such as front-end geometry, listening position, console geometry, etc.  We consult with our clients to make sure that their choice of monitoring system will be a solid one, and will work with the control room design to create the best overall system possible.

We often have clients who are looking for a turnkey design, with all equipment systems (console, monitors, microphones, outboard gear, etc.) specified and budgeted. We often provide this sort of complete design-equipment package, and we have relationships with major equipment suppliers that allow us to offer competitive prices to our clients, along with top-notch value-added support from our installers and technicians.