Acoustic Consulting & Room Treatment

Wes Lachot Design Group is available for acoustic consulting for projects where the room has already been built, but the acoustics can be improved with appropriate surface treatments. We perform listen tests, analyze the room's frequency and time domain characteristics, and work with the client to come up with a cost effective treatment strategy that is both sonically accurate and visually appealing. We have good working relationships with the major manufacturers of acoustic materials, and we can supply these materials to our clients at competitive prices. We do acoustic consulting work for recording and mastering studios, radio stations and other media facilities, performance spaces, worship spaces, home theaters, and home studios.

Acoustic treatment is one of the two main sub-categories of studio design (the other being sound isolation, or sound leakage prevention). One of the ironies of small room acoustics is that as sound isolation is increased, sound quality goes down, at least initially. This is because of the negative effect of reflected sound energy, which is a much more serious problem in rooms with a high level of sound isolation. (Think of the sound quality of a bare, solid concrete room, for instance; there is a high level of sound isolation from the adjacent areas, but the sound quality is very poor.)  Since the sound waves that are created in rooms with very thick and heavy room boundaries cannot escape the room easily when they strike these boundaries, most of the sound energy is reflected back into the room, where it recombines with the source sound waves in negative ways, causing phase cancellations and standing waves. This is the reason that some DIY projects can wind up with rooms that are reasonably sound-isolated, but sound subjectively very poor, and are musically inaccurate. For this reason, when working with rooms with a high degree of sound isolation it is necessary to take the sound treatment portion of the design extremely seriously. Conversely, if the studio walls are not all that thick, say in a home studio in the country where noise levels are low and there are no close neighbors, it may be possible to economize somewhat on the sound treatments. Every project is different, and every client has different needs and budget requirements; we work with our clients to find the best approach for each individual situation, and create designs that are uniquely suited to their purpose.

Our colleague Tony Brett of Brett Acoustics has overseen the acoustical build-out for countless projects for us over a period of many years, including Manifold Recording. Brett Acoustics' installation teams are available to travel anywhere, and we highly recommend them very highly.