Sound Isolation & Noise Control

Sound isolation, or sound leakage prevention, is one of the two main sub-categories of acoustic design (the other being acoustics treatment, which is concerned with the quality and accuracy of the sound within a room). Proper sound isolation can make or break a studio; we take special care to ensure that the proper sound isolation goals for each project are met, so that the facility is free from outside noise, neighbors are not disturbed, and multiple studios within the same facility are able to work simultaneously without disturbing each other.

Determining the proper level of sound isolation is the key to keeping a project within a reasonable budget. We've designed audio production facilities within buildings that were directly adjacent to freeways and busy streets, and these required serious measures to increase sound isolation; but not every project calls for these measures, and the trick is to find the most cost effective solution for each individual project.

In many cases sound isolation can be improved very significantly simply by specifying everyday construction materials, while increasing massing and employing specialized installation techniques. But often only specialized materials will do the job; we work with RPG, Kinetics Noise Control, Mason Industries, and other companies to specify and implement floating floor, wall, and ceiling systems that meet the noise criteria levels of the individual job.

The sound from the mechanical systems in a sound studio should be so low as to be virtually non-existent, and we can provide detailed HVAC plans and specs to meet the most stringent noise criteria specifications. By doing careful heat load calculations, we are able to size the HVAC equipment properly, and by designing and sizing all ductwork and HVAC registers so that they meet very stringent air-velocity specifications, we can insure that mechanical equipment noise, air turbulence noise, and in-duct noise between rooms is kept to a bare minimum. The exact levels of acceptable noise will not be identical for each project of course, and we are willing and able to make reasonable compromises when necessary, according to the needs and budget requirements of our clients, while still providing the best possible solution for the particular situation.