Here are a few of the comments we've gotten from our clients and from some of the producers and engineers who've worked in our rooms:

"Manifold must be one of the finest music-dedicated studios built in the world in the last decade." — Alex Oana

"When I first sat down with Wes, he asked the question that every studio designer must ask: what do you want to do? I told him that we wanted to reboot the music industry by reinventing the role of the recording studio. We agreed that we would need to honor the laws of physics (especially acoustics), but in all other ways we would seek to be the change we wanted to see in the world. We would be a model for acoustic and technological excellence, but we would also be a model of transparency and collaboration. We would be an ideal environment for musical performance, but we would also be a model for entrepreneurial innovation and economic sustainability. We would honor the great teachings of organic architecture and sacred geometry by becoming the best example of those teachings we could be. All of this was discussed before Wes put pencil to paper and began drawing the lines that ultimately became footings, walls, structures, buildings, and operating commercial facilities. In accepting this commission, Wes accepted the whole of the project, and he delivered brilliantly, even when certain aspects seemed to be in irreconcilable conflict. Such is the nature of an outstanding creative achievement." — Michael Tiemann

"What a revelation! Truphonic isn't just a new Wes Lachot studio...it's a revelation in sonic fidelity. You don't just hear the music, you swim in it...every nuance, every beat and brushstroke. The first time I sat down in Truphonic Studio A's huge sweet spot and listened, I cried like a baby. It was like hearing music for the very first time." — Bruce Freshley

"Thanks again Wes. This room is genuinely amazing." — Marc Goodman, Strange Weather

"Love, love LOVE the studio. It's made all the difference in the world to my work!" — Jason Graves

"When we first contacted Wes Lachot we were fearful that our project was too small for him. Wes quickly put us at ease and was very approachable and easy to communicate with. He came to check out our existing studio, and his vision surpassed our expectations. He worked with us to develop and design the perfect solution to our expansion needs. I can honestly say that Wes went far above the call of duty to accommodate our limited budget, while still pushing us to have a truly professional finished product. He urged us to hire Tony Brett for the framing of our new control room, and we couldn't be more grateful for Tony's extraordinary help with our project, and for his wisdom and knowledge concerning each aspect of the construction. The customer service of this team was amazing, and essential in the outcome of our control room! We now have a top notch control room, and our clients have been blown away by the difference!!!!" — Kenny McWilliams, Archer Avenue Studio

"The thing I noticed from the very first project in the new studio was that when I took my mixes out of the studio, and played them on other systems, there were no surprises. All of the elements of the mix were exactly in the right place, no matter what speakers I listened to for playback. It was the first time I've had mixes translate perfectly to the real world, almost without even trying." — Mike Mogis, ARC Studio Owner

"The studio turned out really great. Everybody that sees it is like, completely blown away by the design and the acoustics and everything." — Conor Oberst

"Nice work at Airtime, sounds great inside — and out." — Gary Katz, Steely Dan producer

"Wes is one of the most brilliant and inspiring people I've met in the music business." — John Baccigaluppi, Tape Op magazine senior editor

"The thing I like about Mitch's control room at the Fidelitorium is the fact that no matter where I am, I get the same tonal balance. It's big and I can wander around it and get a feel for what the mix really sounds like. In that room I can hear the details in the mids and upper bass better than anyplace." — Don Dixon, R.E.M. coproducer

"You provided the tools we needed...thanks again...whoever is getting you is lucky!" — Richard Flanzer, owner, Electric Lady Studios

"Wes brings a keen intelligence and a real passion to every project he does. And his rooms are peerless, a joy to work in: musical, articulate, and accurate." — Chris Stamey, producer and owner, Modern Recording

"Even people who have never been in a studio before comment about the "feel" ofthe rooms. Everyone who walks through my door is impressed. The quality of my work has increased tremendously because I can really hear what is happening." — Dave Weber, producer and owner, Airtime Studio

"I LOVE those soffit monitors." — David Barbe, producer and owner, Chase Park Transduction

"I'm still loving the studio. Thanks again." — Kurt Ballou, producer and owner, God City Recording

"The clients really love the space and vibe. And the sound is awesome as well. I am doing a lot less second and third mixes...getting great first final mixes." — Dale Price, producer and owner, Electric Canyon

"I cannot believe the way things sound: clear, detailed, tight and defined low end... stunning!" — Brad Smalling, producer and owner, Evergroove Studio

"When I was ready to buy a property of my own where I could do a studio build out, at first I thought of just converting the garage into a small setup, but luckily I opted to check out an actual studio designer to see if I could do something better. I contacted Wes Lachot, and he was immediately responsive and excited about working with me. Around this time, the idea of somehow making my first love of recording work as a profession started to creep into my head, though it seemed like a bit of a pipe dream. I decided to go ahead with the studio build-out regardless, because I knew that even if I couldn't make it work as a profession it would be a dream come true to have a well designed studio to work in. When the studio was complete, it was 1000 times better, more beautiful, and functional than I ever imagined. Listening to music in the Control Room for the first time was unreal. You can imagine my excitement to record in the studio for the first time. Soon local engineers, mixers, and producers were e-mailing me, asking if I rented the space out. With only basic social media posting and the power of word of mouth, the studio began to gain steam, and after 2 years, the studio calendar was very full. There is no doubt in my mind that if I had just done a semi-pro garage conversion that none of this would be happening. So after some careful financial planning and discussions with my supportive wife, I decided that the time was right to give things a go as a 100% full time studio owner/engineer. I'm about 6 months in now and the studio is still very busy. It's been awesome, rewarding, and a lot of fun. Working with Wes was definitely one of the best decisions I ever made!" — Roy Silverstein, Rarefied Recording