Strange Weather Nominated for TEC Award

The Tracking Room

Dimensions: 21' W x 30' D x 10' H, 620 sq. ft.


  • Direct visual connection to all acoustic rooms:
    • Control Room
    • Booths A & B
    • Sound Lock
  • Puzzle Pieces diffusive/absorptive array on natural brick walls creates a natural, realistic ambience
  • Flexible lighting system with dimmers and indirect lighting
  • Yamaha C3 Conservatory Grand Piano
  • Steinway Upright Piano

The Control Room

Dimensions: 22' W x 20' D x 12' H, 400 sq. ft.


  • RFZ design with RPG fractal QRD rear wall and diffsorbtive side walls creating a wide sweet spot that extends all the way to the client couch
  • Direct sight lines to: Music Room, Booths A & B, & Sound Lock
  • 48-channel API all discrete console
  • Main Monitors: Dynaudio Acoustics M3A, soffit-mounted with Bryston Amplification
  • Studio custom built by Brett Acoustics
  • Patchbay: 1344 point TT patchbay with 48 XLR I/O for guest gear
  • Analog support
    • Eleven credenza bays of analog outboard gear
    • Custom wiring design & implementation by Canova Audio
    • Custom Mic Tie Line panels from Signal Transport
  • 400 sq ft
    • High-quality additional tracking room
    • Comfortably seat up to 6 band members plus Engineer
    • 20 ft. room depth provides flat monitor response down to 28Hz

Wes Lachot Design Group is pleased to announce that Strange Weather has been nominated for an Outstanding Creative Achievement Award by the TEC Foundation in the category of Studio Design. Located in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, Strange Weather is the most in-demand studio in one of the East Coat's hottest recording scenes, and is kept solidly booked by owner Marc Alan Goodman, in-house producer Daniel Schlett, and other independent producers. The studio was featured in Mix magazine's Class of 2013 Coolest New Studios.

Goodman commissioned Wes Lachot Design Group for the overall studio design, and Brett Acoustics was employed to handle all of the acoustical aspects of the building project. The Control Room features a 48-channel API console, Dynaudio MSA main monitors with Bryston amplifiers and active crossovers, and an amazing amount of vintage and current outboard gear, much of which Marc has built or refurbished (see the extensive gear list). The 800 square foot recording area - a large Tracking Room and 2 Iso-booths - house a plethora of vintage instruments including a Yamaha grand piano, a Steinway upright, a Hammond organ, and a Mellotron.

Recording Equipment

Signal Processing
EMT 140 Stereo Plate Reverb
2 Bricasti M7
Eventide H3000 D/SE
Yamaha SPX90
Lexicon PCM41
Lexicon L1300
Lexicon Vortex
Zerotronics Mini-LE
Deltalab Effectron
Mutronics Mutator
Master Room MicMix XL505
DBX 120XP Subsynth
ADR Panscan
Soundworkshop 242A
Fulltone Tube Tape Echo
Roland Space Echo RE-150
Roland Space Echo RE-201
Multivox Multi Echo
Morley EDL Oil Can
Morley Oil Can Wah

Other Outboard Simon Systems RDB-400 DI
Avalon U5 DI
Little Labs RedEye
ADL 300G Stereo DI
2 Ferrite DI


Recording Equipment

Console API 4808 with full API Automation

Recorder Pro Tools HD Native
Burl B80 Mothership 32i/48o
Studer A820 2" 24 track
Studer A820 1/2" 2 track

Monitors Dynaudio M3A
Bryston 4BSST
Yamaha NS-10
ATC SCM50 (live room)
Hypex Ncore

Mic Preamps / EQs
32 API Console Pres
8 Neve 1070L
2 Sage Electronics SE-1
2 FAA Pres
Pultec EQP-1A
Pultec MEQ-5
Amtec EQP-1
Gyraf Gyratec GXIV
16 Aengus
16 Avedis E27
16 API 550A
8 LAZpro EQN
2 Purple ODD
2 Purple TAV
2 APSI 559
2 APSI 562
2 API 560