Manifold Recording Nominated for TEC Award

The Music Room

Dimensions: 31' W x 52' D x 24' H, 1380 sq ft


  • Direct visual connection to all acoustic rooms:
    • Control Room
    • Booths A & B (C is partially visible, by design)
    • Sound Locks 1 & 2
  • Large enough for 36 comfortably seated musicians
  • 24' high ceiling: all fundamental room modes are below A0
  • RT60 up to 1 full second
    • 23 acoustic panels can fine-tune room behavior to taste
    • Doors on Booths A & B and Sound Locks 1 & 2 can further modulate acoustics
  • Powerful and flexible lighting system
    • Sets mood for superior artistic performance
    • Ensures better experience for workshop productions
    • Suitable for live video capture (up to 10kW of illumination built in)
  • Yamaha CF-9 Concert Grand Piano (can be rolled into Booths A or B)
  • Marimba One 5-1/2 Octave Premium Keyboard with Basso Bravo resonators (can be rolled into Booths A or B)

The Control Room

Dimensions: 28.6' W x 22.6' D x 15.1' H, 475 sq ft


  • RFZ design enhanced with dual symmetric 4-step QRD rear wall
  • Direct sight lines to: Music Room, Booths A & B, Sound Locks 1 & 2
  • 64-channel API Vision all discrete console
  • Main Monitors: Dynaudio Acoustics M4S, soffit-mounted
  • Surround Monitors: ATC SCM25A Pro with SCM0.1-15 subwoofer in a 5.1 configuration
  • Patchbay: integrated API standard, extended with additional 48 mic inputs from and line signals to booths (a total of 96 signals to and 96 signals from outboard analog gear).
  • Analog support
    • Two 42U credenzas (3x 14U) connected to patchbay (48 inputs and 48 outputs per credenza supported)
    • Credenzas not in use can be rolled out of the control room into storage
    • Client-provided racks can be inserted using ELCO or XLR connectors
  • 475 sq ft
    • High-quality alternate tracking room
    • Comfortably seat up to 16 co-producers + Engineer
    • 22.6' room depth and 8'-20' bass trap depth provides flat monitor response down to 25Hz (measured)

Wes Lachot Design is pleased to announce that Manifold Recording has been nominated for an Outstanding Creative Achievement Award by the TEC Foundation in the category of Studio Design. Located in central North Carolina near the Research Triangle, Manifold Recording has reinvented the concept of the world class recording studio, and has been featured in Mix, Pro Sound News, Pro Audio Review, and many other publications. This multi-million dollar facility has been called by reviewer/producer Alex Oana "one of the finest recording studios built in the world in the last decade".

Studio owner Michael Tiemann and project designer Wes Lachot have created a masterpiece of Organic Architecture, perfectly suited to it's purpose, and beautifully situated on 16 acres with a pond and farm house living quarters, making this a completely unique destination studio. The main studio features a 64-channel API Vision console and over 2500 square feet of tracking space, including a Music Room with 24-foot ceilings, 360-degree clerestory windows, and views of nature for the musicians as well as the engineers. Optimized for film and video, the Annex studio features a 96-channel Harrison Trion and Guzauski-Swist surround monitoring.

Manifold Recording

Manifold Recording is a high-end, full-scale, carbon-neutral recording studio and media production facility. The Miraverse is an environment where new approaches to music production, licensing, and distribution can achieve better creative, economic, and cultural outcomes for all involved participants: artists, engineers, producers, and ultimately, audiences of all descriptions. The studios are situated on 17 acres of beautiful pastoral land that is half forest and half meadow, with ponds, nature trails, and a variety of gardens throughout. Designed by Wes Lachot, the buildings exemplify Frank Lloyd Wright's most ambitious goal: Organic Architecture. In this design, which you will experience from the moment you enter the environment, form and function are not only one, but were conceived and grew as one, naturally.

The Studio Annex

Dimensions: 25.3' W x 22.5' D x 15' H, 430 sq ft


  • Fully Diffused Reflection Zone (FDRZ) design (explained below)
  • 48-fader/96-channel Harrison Trion digital console
  • Surround Monitors: Guzauski-Swist GS-3a in a 5.1 configuration
  • Digital Patchbay: a Harrison IKIS system controlling a pair of 1536x1536 input Harrison Xrouters
  • Audio support
    • 32 analog input/32 analog outputs of Harrison Premium I/O converters
    • Option to use racks and/or lunchboxes (both 500 and 200 series) to provide identical tracking circuitry of the Control Room.
    • Record and playback 192 tracks of digital audio using the two Harrison Xdubbers locked to ProTools, or add in Nuendo, Logic, or whatever your favorite DAW may be. Our open audio architecture enables each creative team member to use their favorite tool in its native format and still bring everything to the mix bus with 100% digital fidelity and 96kHz sample accuracy.
  • Video support
    • Full SMPTE 311M broadcast infrastructure with multi-camera production capabilities
    • Full 3G HD signal path, end to end (SD supported with up- and down-conversion as needed)
    • 63" Broadcast video monitor
    • Multiscreen broadcast production console
    • 3G HD Production switcher with CG and clip store
    • Fully enclosed room—no daylighting
  • 430 sq ft / 6000 cu ft
    • High-quality alternate tracking room
    • Comfortably seat up to 12 co-producers + 2 Engineers
    • 22.5' depth provides flat monitor response down to 25Hz (worst case)