Studio Design

Wes Lachot Design Group is involved not just in the design of our Projects, but in every phase from project development to construction oversight. We like to be involved early in the process, to help our clients select the best location for their building renovation or ground-up facility. Here is a brief outline of the design-build process:

  • Discuss program requirements and various location options with client.

  • Meet on location to assess site selection.

  • Draw schematic designs for presentation to clients; discuss changes and revise drawings to the client's satisfaction.

  • Create a full set of working drawings, including Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections, Reflected Ceiling Plans, Soffit Plans, Acoustic Finish and Mounting Details, Electrical, Lighting and Technical Wiring Plans, HVAC Plan, Door and Window Schedules and Isolation Details, and other plans as necessary for the accurate build-out of the project. We often interface with local architects and engineers to create a final set of working drawings.

  • Meet with and help select potential contractors and/or subs to facilitate the building process.

  • On-site supervision of critical building phases.

  • Placement of final acoustic finishes and equipment, room analysis and sound system fine-tuning.