Omaha, NE

Enamel is located in downtown Omaha in a turn-of-the-century building, and is owned and operated by the rock band The Faint. This studio was done in maple, to match the vintage maple floors. The tracking room's decay characteristics can be tweaked by flipping the custom reversible absorber/diffusor panels, which were designed and built in collaboration with RPG Diffusor Systems. All rooms, including the three isolation booths, are treated with a combination of absorption and diffusion in order to control reflections while retaining as much natural ambiance as possible.

The control room is a reflection free zone design, with a heavily trapped RPG back wall. The vintage Trident console was rebuilt with a new patchbay, and a completely new housing built by Jeff McCabe. The studio's wiring layout was designed by WLD, and implemented by our wiring team of Thom Canova and Tim Freeman. Rolling equipment racks allow outboard gear to be located anywhere in the control room.