Boyds, MD

This is a private production studio for Grammy-nominated electronic musician, multi-instrumentalist, and film composer BT. This studio has one of the world's largest collections of recent, rare, and vintage synthesizers and electronic music creation tools, including a synth used by Pink Floyd during the creation of "Dark Side Of The Moon".

The enormous number of keyboard workstations in this single control room require that the acoustics be exceptionally even throughout the room. A combination of tuned membrane, Helmholtz resonator, and broadband bass-traps keep the room flat and accurate throughout the critical low frequency spectrum. The rear of the room utilizes a proprietary slat-type diffusor, which also helps with low frequency accuracy.

The main monitors are the top-of-the-line ATC SCM 300's with dual 15" subwoofers per side (for a total of eight 15" drivers), paired with dual ATC P4 crossovers and amplifiers with a total of 1,700 watts. This sound system provides enough clean sound to fill a dance club! Acoustical buildout by Brett Acoustics.