Omaha, NE

This facility, owned by nationally known mastering engineer Doug Van Sloun, features a custom Crookwood console and Duntech PCL-1100 Princess loudspeakers. The mastering room comprises over 6300 cubic feet, and utilizes velocity-type bass trapping as well as the new RPG pressure zone bass trapping for smooth, extended low frequency response. The reflection free zone extends all the way to the client couch and provides a wide, accurate, and enveloping sound field.

The RPG Diffractal diffusors have been carefully balanced with absorptive and reflective surfaces in order to keep the room sounding lively yet controlled. Floors, trim, and diffusors are done in red oak. Acoustic treatments were installed by Matt Call of Auralex Acoustics and Tony Brett of Wes Lachot Design.

The Duntechs are powered by a Krell KSA-250 class A amplifier.