Cary, NC

This studio is owned and operated by Mitch Dancik, former lead singer for the seminal 70's punk rock band Just Water (based out of NYC). This 32-channel API 1608 console has 24 additional 500-series slots, an on-board patchbay wired by Canova Audio, and custom desk furniture by Brett Acoustics.

The control room design is true to reflection free principles, and the custom side-wall treatments extend the sweet spot deep into the rear of the room. Extensive diffusive treatments ensure that decay times are even throughout the frequency spectrum, resulting in a natural, not too-dead room acoustic that is easy on the ears during lengthy mixing sessions. The modest size tracking room is large enough for a rhythm section to track live drums and guitars, and the room sounds larger than it is due to the diffsorptive treatments and bass trapping.

Mitch Dancik sent us this testimonial at the conclusion of his building project:

If music is your life, there are very few decisions more important than choosing who will build your recording studio. With a little research and a lot of luck, I chose Wes Lachot Designs. Wes auditioned me before he took my money! He came to my former ramshackle studio, listened to mixes, and made sure that we were both doing the right thing. And then Wes delivered not only a studio, but a dream come true and a career lifting opportunity. Anyone thatís mixed in one of Wesís rooms will tell you that truly balanced, revealing, and riveting sound is a given. However, for me, an equally important part of my experience was how absolutely turnkey the entire build-out was. Wesís secret weapon is a loyal, experienced, and incredibly talented team that does it all; Wes handles the design and is the shipís captain. Brett Acoustics builds the room and the furniture, and guides any outside contractors so that the perfection of the design is carried out. Canova Audio creates the patch bays, wires the rooms for your personal workflow, and will even teach you to use your new console! Never did I hear the words ďthatís not my job, call so and soĒ. Wes and his team function as a single unit, with a singular goal; surpass your expectations. And they do.