Newport, RI

Mark Corrigan's studio is located in the basement of his oceanfront vacation home, and the beautiful sunset photo was taken by Mark right outside his studio.

This studio is an all-in-one control room and tracking room, and the room is deep enough to accommodate a full band including drums. The analog console is a 24-channel Toft fitted into a custom desk built by Brett Acoustics. The soffit-mounted biamplified Dynaudio M3A main monitors are powered by a pair of Bryston 4B-SST2 amplifiers an Bryston 10B-LR crossovers.

Acoustical finishes include a continuous treatment of RPG FlutterFree coupled with Helmholtz trapping and diffsorption throughout the room. The acoustical build-out and oversight for this project was carried out by Tony Brett and Brett Acoustics. Audio wiring by Thom Canova Audio.