Lake Forest, IL

This studio for producer Dustin Bennett was built on two floors of a suburban home, with the control room occupying a former 2-car garage on the main level.

The ceiling of the original garage was raised slightly to allow plenty of ceiling height for the control room, and to allow for ample basstrapping above. The room adheres to purist reflection free zone principles, with absolutely no time smearing within the first 20 milliseconds of the direct sound from the main monitors. A custom RPG diffusor array enclosing three sides of the room conceals basstrapping inside the walls. Main monitors are Dynaudio M3As, with Bryston 4B-SST2 PRO power amps and a Bryston 10B-LR PRO active crossover. Outboard gear includes pieces by API, BAE, Chandler, DeltaLab, Empirical Labs, Great River, Lexicon, Retro, Slate, Universal Audio, etc.

The centerpiece of the control room is a custom Tonelux console, along the console furniture that houses it, built by Brett Acoustics. This custom console configuration is extremely flexible, and is able to house a lot of gear by different manufacturers, putting it all within arm's reach.

The tracking spaces, located in the basement level, house Dustin's vast array of instruments, amp heads, and speaker cabinets.

Brett Acoustics handled the acoustical build-out, and Thom Canova Audio provided all of the technical wiring for the project. This studio turned out really well, due in part to the incredible attention to detail that was observed by everyone involved, including the client himself.