Columbia, SC

Archer Avenue Studio is South Carolina's newest Wes Lachot Design Group studio, and is poised to pick up serious mixing work from all over the region. This studio was a case study in economical, efficient design, and was built by Kenny McWilliams and Eric McCoy on a very modest budget, with fully professional results.

The RFZ Control Room features Dynaudio M3A main monitors and Emotiva amplification, with Bryston active crossovers. RPG Omniffusors on the rear wall keep the room sounding lively and even, while deep bass-trapping in the rear of the room and Helmholtz trapping on the side walls ensure deep, clear bass response. The low frequency response of this medium size room measures reasonably flat to below 29 Hz.

Brett Acoustics provided critical help and consultation on this project, although the majority of the work was done by the owners.

Kenny McWilliams wrote to us to say this:
"Our new Wes Lachot designed room has exceeded my expectations. I'm completely blown away by the clarity and definition I can now hear in our new room. Being able to hear (and EQ) frequencies at 30Hz and below is a new thing for me. No more guesswork. The Dynaudio's seem to be a perfect compliment to Wes's room design. Amazing work!"