New York City, NY

Located in the heart of Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood, Strange Weather is part of one of the hottest music scenes in the country. This studio has an impressive collection of outboard gear (eleven credenza bays worth) and a great vibe that's conducive to making music. The acoustical build-out and oversight was performed by our associate Tony Brett and his team at Brett Acoustics.

Strange Weather's Control Room was designed using true RFZ principles, and is accurate down to 27 Hz. The sweet spot is deep and wide, and the frequency response and imaging at the producer's location at the rear of the room are nearly as good as they are at the main engineer's position (something which is very difficult to achieve). The 48 channel API console sounds amazing (as one would expect) and is outfitted with lots of extra 500 series modules. Main monitors are Dynaudio M3A's, with Bryston crossovers and amplification.

The tracking room features a combination of absorptive and diffusive side wall treatments, as well as an acoustic cloud and deep bass-trap soffits. Along with the Yamaha C3 Conservatory grand piano, Strange Weather offers a huge variety of instruments, amplifiers, and other equipment.

The client lounge includes a kitchenette, plus there are lots of restaurants within easy walking distance. The studio also has a nice garden area out back behind the Control Room.

Owner Marc Goodman had this to say about the studio design and building process:

"Tony Brett and his crew at Brett Acoustics are some of the most professional and talented individuals you'll meet in any industry. They are craftsmen in every sense of the word, and there is absolutely no way we could have built the studio we did without them. Tony's understanding of not just the construction of a studio, but also of it's acoustical properties and artistic purpose, is a resource I plan to rely on for the rest of my career."

"Thanks again Wes. This room is genuinely amazing."