Dubai, UAE

SoundStruck Studios is located high up in a curvaceous skyscraper in Dubai, UAE. Owner Charles El Soueidi has realized his dream of creating one of the premier recording studios in the Middle East.

SoundStruck's Control Room is built around an SSL AWS 948 console and Dynaudio M3A main monitors, with amplification and crossovers by Bryston. The unique wavy-wall diffusor pattern was created in consultation with RPG Diffusor Systems, and helps to create a very even sound-field throughout the room with excellent diffusion properties into the lower midrange. The RFZ design uses purist geometry to ensure that precise imaging and freedom from time-smearing.

The Tracking Room features the same type of wavy-wall diffusive treatments as the Control Room. An acoustic cloud and deep bass-trap soffits complete the Tracking Room acoustics. In-house studio instruments include a Yamaha C5 Conservatory grand piano.

Soundstruck's main studio has two Iso-booths in addition to the main Tracking Room. There is also a Studio B for Post-production work, with it's own dedicated Iso-booth. The studio also has a nice client lounge, as well as office and storage areas.

The acoustical build-out and oversight for this project was carried out by Tony Brett and Brett Acoustics.

Charles recently wrote:
"There was a lineup of artists and bands who were waiting for us to open our doors. The studio turned out great, BTW!!!"