Truphonic Recording
Charleston, SC

Truphonic Recording is a new multi-room recording facility located in historic Charleston, SC. Studio A features an Avid Icon D-Control with Dangerous Music 2-Buss and 32-channel summing. The main credenza is filled with great outboard gear by API, Neve, SSL, Focusrite, BAE, Universal Audio, Empirical Labs, Avalon, and Summit, just to name a few. Main monitors are Dynaudio M3As, bi-amped with Bryston amplifiers and analog Bryston crossovers. RPG Omniffusors are fitted in the rear wall, and there's lots more RPG diffusion going on behind the fabric walls. The large main tracking room is complimented with three iso-booths, a sound-lock, and a machine room. Studio B features a medium-sized control room with RPG diffusion and a tracking room larger enough for recording drums. The facility build-out was supervised and finished by Tony Brett of Brett Acoustics, with technical wiring by Thom Canova.

Studio owner Bruce Freshley had this to say after the studio was completed: 

What a revelation! Truphonic isn't just a new Wes Lachot's a revelation in sonic fidelity. You don't just hear the music, you swim in it...every nuance, every beat and brushstroke. The first time I sat down in Truphonic Studio A's huge sweet spot and listened, I cried like a baby. It was like hearing music for the very first time. You my friend are a genius.

All of us at Truphonic thank you and your brilliant team for the studio we've been working toward for over a decade. Our brilliant chief engineer, MJ Fick just can't stop grinning and he's worked in the finest rooms in the country. The sound is flawless and the work flow is sick. The rooms are so tight and quiet that he pulled an entire drum track off of one session and dropped it into another seamlessly. The band was stunned!

Truphonic Studio B is exactly what we dreamed, so versatile, ideal for every audio and post production task including Mastering. It's tight, bone quiet and perfect. From the beginning our vision has never changed, build the perfect facility for music professionals and serious recording artists, as well as supporting the SC Motion Picture Industry with high end post production in Charleston, SC. You have delivered on every level my friend.