Raleigh, North Carolina

Jason Graves is an internationally acclaimed composer specializing in original video game music. Jason has won many of the top awards in the business, including a British Academy Award for Best Original Score, and G.A.N.G. Awards for Best Audio of the Year and Best Sound Design of the Year.

This composition-oriented control room is designed around the composer's tools: keyboard workstation, synths, outboard gear, and computer-based sound design. The cockpit-style console (designed by WLD and built by Arch Altman) puts it all within easy reach. The RFZ-type front end allows for spot-on imaging and a wide sweet spot, and the controlled reverb time makes the control room appropriate for recording as well as mixing.

Main monitors are Dynaudio M3As, actively bi-amped with a pair of Bryston 4B-SST2s, using the Bryston 10B-LR crossover. RPG Diffusor Systems provided the Diffractal rear wall diffusors, as well as hidden diffusors in the side walls. The acoustical build-out and finish work, including the beautiful woodwork throughout, was done by studio building experts Brett Acoustics.