Pittsboro, NC

Manifold's Annex building features this radically designed surround room, intended for film scoring and post production. The wavy walls incorporate the most up-to-date diffusion principles, using RPG's new FlutterFree W in a Waveform configuration, allowing diffusion at lower frequencies. The treatments continue around the room, cover all of the surfaces except the doors, to provide an even, diffuse sound field for surround monitoring.

The 96-channel Harrison Trion digital console can be configured to monitor and independently mix all digital signals defined in the Main Control Room (including analog audio signals that are converted to digital in real time). The Studio Annex is designed to double as as a video control room, supporting broadcast production or non-linear editing.

The Studio Annex control room raises the bar for this type of facility, setting new acoustic and technical standards for surround sound design and support.