Omaha, NE

"The thing I noticed from the very first project in the new studio was that when I took my mixes out of the studio, and played them on other systems, there were no surprises. All of the elements of the mix were exactly in the right place, no matter what speakers I listened to for playback. It was the first time I've had mixes translate perfectly to the real world, almost without even trying."
-Mike Mogis

ARC Studios is a brand-new recording facility operated by Mike Mogis, a well-respected producer for Saddle Creek Recordsand a member ofthe band Bright Eyes. Located in Omaha, Nebraska,the complex includes two large control rooms with associated studios as well as a MIDI room, lounge, game mezzanine, guest accommodations--and even an indoor swimming pool. Isolated floors and floating walls and ceilings make for a very well isolated facility, with good soundproofing betweenthe A and B suites.

Studio A is quite large, with high ceilings, wood floors,and custom-built RPG adjustable acoustics. The sixteen 2-ft. by 8-ft. reversible panels can be turned tothe fabric side for absorption or tothe wood side for binary amplitude diffusion. The studio has a total of five iso-booths, including a large drum boothwith a 12-ft. ceiling.

Control Room A is a reflection-free zone design, centered around a Neve 8048 console that was custom built by Rupert Neve for George Martin back in the day, and has been recently completely refurbished by Neve guru Fred Hill. A Studer A-800 analog 2" tape machine, ProTools HD, Fairchild compressors, and tons of modern and vintage outboard gear make this truly a world-class studio. The control room is outfitted with an RPG Diffractal diffusor array behind the client couch, as well as rolling equipment racks that allow the rack gear to be configured either as a traditional credenza or in any other configuration the engineer desires. The soffit-mount speakers are Tannoy DMT-215IIs, powered by Bryston power amps.

Studio B, though not as large as Studio A, is still fairly good-sized,and is acoustically treated to provide a deader, more controlled sound for vintage drum sounds and the like. RPG binary amplitude diffusors are employed throughoutthe room, as well as in the four iso-booths. Floors are stained concrete.

Control Room B is centered around a vintage API console, ProTools,and vintage Studer analog tape machines. A wealth of outboard gear, a reflection-free-zone design, andthe RPG diffusion make this a great-sounding mix room.

"The studio turned out really great. Everybody that sees it is like, completely blown away by the design and the acoustics and everything."
-Conor Oberst