Montecito, CA

Surf Sound is a private studio in a residential setting in beautiful Montecito, CA, just minutes from the Pacific ocean. The studio was built in an approximately 3-car sized garage, with the roof raised to provide additional ceiling height. The renovation was done in such a way that the studio exterior fits in exactly with the rest of the house, and the neighborhood (Spanish-California style). Excellent sound isolation ensures that the neighbors can't even tell there's a studio there.

The console is an API 1608, housed in custom furniture by Todd Beeten of Sound Construction. Dynaudio M3A main monitors are powered with Bryston amplification and crossovers. The control room acoustical treatments include RPG Diffractal diffusors, as well as custom diffusion/bass trapping utilizing RPG Flutterfree.

The acoustical buildout was expertly supervised by Chris Pelonis of Pelonis Sound and Acoustics, with Rick Ruzzamenti handling acoustical treatments and Matt Lavine handling technical wiring.