Evergreen, CO

Evergroove Studio is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Evergreen, Colorado. The studio is close to Denver, and is within walking distance of some great hiking and rock climbing trails.

The tracking room features a large window wall, with a nice view of the natural surroundings. Studio owners Brad and Jenny Smalling hired studio construction expert Frank Lambrick to assist with the project, resulting in a finely detailed final product.

The control room is a reflection-free type, with a custom-designed rear wall.

All of the acoustical materials are built into the fabric of the design. Cypress was used for the woodwork (which was used to create a binary amplitude diffusor pattern on the walls), and the flooring material is stained concrete.

Soffit-mount speakers are Tannoy DMT-15IIs, powered by a Hafler P-7000.