Little Rock, AR

Barry Poynter has been a fixture in the Arkansas recording scene for 15 years or so, and operates Poynter's Palace out of a purpose built facility on his residential property. When it came time to gut the old control room and rebuild, he called on Wes Lachot Design Group to design and oversee construction for the new room.

The newly completed 400 sq. ft. control room is based on RFZ principles, with custom bass trapping and RPG diffusion built into the rear wall. Dynaudio M3s are soffit-mounted in a trapped infinite baffle arrangement, creating a wide sweet spot at the engineer's position. Mixing is in-the-box, using Pro Tools HD3, with outboard gear by Cranesong, Requisite Audio, Inward Connections, Empirical Labs, Drawmer, Tube-Tech, Waves, etc.

Poynter recently reported back, stating that he was extremely pleased with his new room. "I finally have a control room that I can be proud of. I trust the room, love the vibe, and it sounds amazing all over the room. Wes's design and Tony Brett's expertise have taken my studio to the next level. I am ready for the big boys."