Mt. Pleasant, SC

Charleston Sound is a 2,000 square-foot recording facility located in Mt. Pleasant S.C., just a few minutes from the beaches at Isle of Palms and Sullivan's Island, and 15 minutes from historic downtown Charleston. The studio consists of a 400 sq. ft. control room, a 600 sq. ft. live room, iso-booths, sound locks, machine room, and office facilities, as well as a lounge complete with kitchenette and entertainment system.

The centerpiece of the control room is a custom API recording and mixing console that features 56 API 500 series slots, 32 channels of API equalization, 32 API microphone preamps, and extensive patchbay and routing capabilities.

The Control Room is a reflection free zone design, with a large sweet spot extending from the console all the way back to the client couch. The rear wall contains a system of deep velocity zone bass traps (as deep as 4 ft.) as well as a 140 sq. ft. pressure zone type membrane trap hidden deep within the wall. The surface area of the rear wall is largely covered with RPG Diffusor Systems 2-dimensional Wood Hemiffusors, a Quadratic Residue-type diffusor designed to scatter reflections back toward the listening position in a mathematically controlled manner. The side walls are treated with solid maple and fabric covered diffsorbers, a type of combination diffusor/absorber invented by RPG, using the Chinese Remainder Theorem diffusion principle. The side walls also feature large overhead velocity-zone bass trapping. An overhead cloud adds further bass trapping to the room.

The front speaker walls are angled with a 30 degree splay and a 5 degree pitch, in order to create an equilateral listening triangle and wide, even high frequency dispersion throughout the room. Main monitors are 3-way Dynaudio M3As, bi-amplified with a Bryston all-discreet crossover (24 dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley) and powered by over 1000 watts per side of Bryston amplification. This combination of room design and main monitors delivers even frequency response from well below 30 Hz to over 20 KHz, and provides clean, distortion-free sound pressure levels of more than 120 decibels. For surround monitoring, 3-way Dynaudio Air 20 center and rear surround monitors are a perfectly matched compliment to the main monitors. Stereo near field monitors are the Barefoot MM27.