Welcome to the Wes Lachot Design Group website. We are a design firm based in Chapel Hill, NC, specializing in studio design and acoustic consulting. We take on all sorts of projects, large and small, ranging from garage studios and home additions to large, multi-room audio production facilities. In the Projects section of our website you can see a variety of different types, ranging from buildings we've designed from the ground up to renovations of older buildings, as well as some residential studios of various sizes.

With over twenty years experience as a recording engineer/producer, Wes brings to his projects a wide range of practical knowledge and insight. Our control rooms are known for their musically accurate acoustics, and are used for critical mixing by well-known producers and mixers. We've also created some very highly acclaimed and in-demand tracking rooms.

If you are contemplating a project and checking out building sites or existing buildings for re-use, we can help make the project go smoothly and successfully by getting involved in the process early on. We are involved in all phases of project design, including site selection and assessment, construction document preparation, project management, speaker and equipment selection, wiring design, furniture design, etc. We also specify and provide acoustical materials, and work closely with RPG Diffusor Systems in designing custom acoustical solutions for many projects.

Recently there has been a trend toward more privately owned studios in residential locations. These are often attached or semi-attached to the main house, but are sometimes freestanding buildings. We have been designing quite a few of these types of studios lately, and it seems to be a trend that will continue to grow. Check out the Home Studios portion of the website for a few examples. For modest budget studio projects we are available for consulting, either by phone or on-site, anywhere from coast to coast.

Give us a call or email us— we'd love to discuss your plans and ideas, and to see if we can help you with your project in any way. We can work with your local architects, engineers and contractors if the project calls for it, and we take pride in the high level of site supervision and attention to detail that we bring to each building project. We have experienced professionals available who can travel to your location for room testing, construction oversight, wiring, and technical assistance. Our technical wiring crew is available for on site instruction once the studio construction is complete, to help our clients quickly get things up and running.

Feel free to call us to speak with Wes Lachot, or to one of our project managers. Scheduling or business-related inquiries may be directed to office manager Lisa Lachot. Our office telephone number is (919) 942-9434. Or you can email us at